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FLGR_RtView2D Struct Reference

#include <flgrRtView.h>

Detailed Description

Realtime window display structure


Definition at line 37 of file flgrRtView.h.

Data Fields

int bps
SDL_Color palette [256]
int size_xfactor
int size_yfactor

Field Documentation

Number of image displayed verticaly in the window

Definition at line 42 of file flgrRtView.h.

SDL_Color FLGR_RtView2D::palette[256]

Framebuffer structure of window display

Definition at line 39 of file flgrRtView.h.

Color Palette

Definition at line 40 of file flgrRtView.h.

Number of image displayed horizontaly in the window

Definition at line 41 of file flgrRtView.h.

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