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FLGR_RtCapture2D Struct Reference

#include <flgrRtCapture.h>

Detailed Description

Video capture device structure

Definition at line 37 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

Data Fields

int fd
unsigned char * framebuffer
struct video_capability vcap
struct video_channel vchan
struct video_mbuf vmbuf
struct video_mmap vmmap
struct video_picture vpic
struct video_window vwin

Field Documentation

File descriptor

Definition at line 38 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

Mapped framebuffer

Definition at line 39 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_capability FLGR_RtCapture2D::vcap [read]

Video capabilities

Definition at line 40 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_channel FLGR_RtCapture2D::vchan [read]

Video channels

Definition at line 45 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_mbuf FLGR_RtCapture2D::vmbuf [read]

Size of mapped buffer

Definition at line 44 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_mmap FLGR_RtCapture2D::vmmap [read]

Number of frame, ...

Definition at line 43 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_picture FLGR_RtCapture2D::vpic [read]

Palette informations, Contrast, ...

Definition at line 42 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

struct video_window FLGR_RtCapture2D::vwin [read]

Window informations

Definition at line 41 of file flgrRtCapture.h.

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